Bailey Magill


Class: Freshman

Major: Fire Protection and Safety Technology

Bowling Info

Favorite Brand of Ball: Storm

Least Favorite Split: Heard the Greek church is the hardest but they all suck

Years Bowling: 2

Fun Facts

Favorite Weird Food Combo: I like chick fila better cold the next day. That’s not a combo but I made a yak about it on yik yak and it got downvoted 5 times and removed :(

Favorite Movie: Any Harry Potter movie is good but goblet of fire is best

If They Won the Lottery, What Would They Do?: Invest some of it and probably buy shoes, maybe a new guitar, and a stroller for my cat bc I think it would be fun to take her for a walk

Interesting Fact: My thumbs are two different shapes. One is clubbed and the other is normal. Look up clubbed thumb if you can’t picture it